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dilworth cares

Dilworth Cares is the charitable committee of the DCA.

Dilworth Cares facilitates opportunities for each of us, as part of the community, to show our concern for others.  We are committed to promoting opportunities for our neighbors to serve those in need, both financially and through volunteer activities.

Dilworth is the only local community that has a charitable arm committed to the regular support of other non-profits!

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The DCA organizes several events that raise targeted funds for Dilworth Cares philanthropy. Recently the group has changed the fundraising focus and has created the Dilworth Street Challenge. 

The Dilworth Street Challenge breaks down the neighborhood by streets with volunteer Street Captains rallying their neighbors, selecting a nonprofit beneficiary, and planning an event to raise money or goods to benefit their charity of choice. The Street Challenge events will be taking place in September and October. 


Last fall the Street Challenge raised more than $6,500 in monetary donations, along with books, school supplies and personal items all which made the inaugural Dilworth Street Challenge a huge success. Non profit recipients were the Dilworth Soup Kitchen, Pats Place, Dilworth School, Promising Pages, Freedom School Partners, Crisis Assistance, Faith, Hope and Love, and The Relatives.   


In years past (pre-Covid), the Spring and Holiday Party's had raffles or auctions that benefited Dilworth Cares charities, and the Home Tour has dedicated a percentage of sales to Dilworth Cares.

Most importantly, so many of our wonderful neighborhood businesses provide donations for DCA events, from food and services to unique gifts and gift certificates.  It is the support of these generous businesses that makes our fundraising efforts so successful.  

Please share our gratitude and support our local businesses!

the Dilworth Street Challenge

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for more information contact:  Sarah

Care Campaign

Before Covid, the Dilworth Cares Committee selected one agency/non profit after an application review period and lengthy interview process as the Care Campaign Recipient for a two-year campaign cycle.  The Committee's goal was to raise awareness and funds to support the agency’s mission.

The most recent, 


Care Campaign Recipient was

New Dilworth Elementary


2018-2020: New Dilworth Elementary

2016-2018:  Dilworth Soup Kitchen

2014-2016 Freedom School Partners 

2012-2014: Charlotte Family Housing

2011-2012: Friendship Trays

2010-2011: Dilworth School

2009-2010: Pat’s Place

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