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Tree Canopy Committee

Dilworth's tree canopy is aging and we are losing a number of mature shade trees.             

Join us in our mission to preserve, protect, and plant trees in Dilworth.

Share the Shade
Tree Planting Fundraiser

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For more information contact DCA's Tree Canopy Committee at

Dilworth's Share the Shade tree fundraiser raises money so that we can have more street trees planted throughout Dilworth. The campaign typically runs for 4 weeks in November and early December. A portion - 20 percent - of what we raise will work toward equity by supporting the tree canopy of neighbors living in a nearby neighborhood with fewer funding resources.  

A bit of background:

Street trees are the public trees typically between the street and the sidewalk which are managed by the City of Charlotte. City Arborists are charged with managing these trees - for trimming the trees, removing diseased/damaged trees, and for selecting and planting new trees. The City is also responsible for funding all of these projects. However, with tight budgets and stretched resources, funding falls short for caring for existing trees and for replacing all lost trees.


For the past 4 years, DCA’s Tree Canopy Committee has raised funds to supplement the City’s street tree plantings in Dilworth. Thanks to the generosity of  hundreds of neighbors, we were able to plant over 100 good sized street trees throughout Dilworth. On top of that, the City of Charlotte planted over 150 street trees in the neighborhood over the past 3 years. Combined we added a total of more than 250 new trees to our canopy. 


But with all the success we have had, we’re working from a deficit position and have more planting spots than current funding can fill.

And that's where we need you. We need your financial support. Please donate and help us fill the gaps and leave a legacy for future generations. 

Contribute NOW.  Here's how:

  • You can write a check to “DCA Tree Fund” and mail it to DCA ℅ Lewis, 830 E Park Ave., Charlotte NC 28203


  • Contribute using PayPal or a credit card - Click here.

  • Use Venmo and scan the QR code below

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