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keep dilworth safe

Dilworth residents have the enviable status of a low

crime rate in one of Charlotte’s most urban

neighborhoods.  Neighborhood policing, coupled

with citizen involvement, make Dilworth one of the

safest places to live, work, or play in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Preventing a crime


is one of the most effective ways to fight crime -

and it's simple!

Remember to lock your doors and your cars. 

We don't want criminals to think of Dilworth as a place of opportunity.  


Remove the  opportunity, prevent the crime.

Constant vigilance and sharing information between police and residents reduce opportunities for criminals. Dilworth participates in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s

Neighborhood Watch program in which neighbors look out for neighbors.  A police officer attends each Dilworth Community Association meeting for the purpose of reporting crime trends and to speak privately to anyone about current crime concerns.

Citizens have online access to a number of websites relating to crime in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.  One of the most useful is which contains everything from current 911 calls, a directory of all police services and crime mapping for criminal activity and accident hotspots.

Share information with neighbors.  Nextdoor Dilworth is a great way to do this!  It's a private online community network.  Join here.

Dilworth's CMPD liaison:  Officer Gilliland

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