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Holiday Party

Dilworth has always has been about neighbors and friendships. What started as an informal Christmas Cookie Exchange has morphed into the “Merry Ladies of Dilworth Holiday Party”.

The party is a fun opportunity to greet old friends and neighbors and make new ones. It's a wonderful time to remember that Dilworth is a unique neighborhood and that many talented and diverse women live here. 


Proceeds benefit the Care Campaign recipient selected by the Dilworth Cares Committee.

We love volunteers! If you would like to help, please contact Valerie.

Response to Recent Media Coverage

Dilworth is a historic district and the neighborhood has been concerned about saving the Leeper & Wyatt building since the property owner filed for demolition on December 8, 2021.  Subsequently the DCA has collaborated with 3 different developers in an effort to save the historic building.  Since we began working with the petitioner the DCA has consistently maintained that we want to save the building and abide by the ordinance.  The DCA and the Dilworth neighbors support saving the Leeper & Wyatt building.  


The petition presented at the Council Hearing on Monday, September 18 did not include the technical revisions required by Planning Staff per the UDO. The language regarding the 10 leased off-site parking places was unenforceable.  The DCA's request on Monday night was simply to include lease language that is enforceable. The DCA has not opposed any other exception requested by the petitioner and is asking the petitioner to continue to cooperate with us and the Planning Staff in order to save the Leeper & Wyatt building.

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