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Tree Canopy Committee

Dilworth's tree canopy is aging and we are losing a great number of mature shade trees.  Join us in our mission to preserve, protect, and plant trees in Dilworth. If you would like to get involved with this group, email .

Each year, for the past 4 years, we have organized a fundraiser to Share the Shade with the objective of planting more trees in Dilworth and giving a portion of the money raised in the campaigns to a nearby neighborhood with fewer funding resources to help with their tree canopy. To date we have added about 125 trees to the Dilworth streets and have given money to the Revolution Park and the McCrorey Heights neighborhoods to help with their specific tree canopy needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate neighbors about how to keep trees healthy and safe, and to see the old and sickly trees replaced and encourage the planting of appropriate new trees so that future Dilworth generations will enjoy the benefits and beauty of a healthy and vibrant tree canopy.

The Tree Canopy Committee has several initiatives that are designed to improve Dilworth's tree canopy and to share the shade with other neighborhoods with fewer funding resources.


These programs are:

  • The Tree Tribute gifting program - "give the gift of trees". For more information, click here.

  • Share the Shade has been the DCA's. tree canopy fundraising campaign. This campaign has resulted in over 125 additional street trees being planted throughout Dilworth in the past 4 years. The Share the Shade campaign also gave a portion of the proceeds raised to help fund the Revolution Park pilot project designed to identify how to protect, preserve and add to low income neighborhood tree canopies. This effort was continued, thanks to working with TreesCharlotte, in the McCrorey Heights neighborhood of Charlotte.

Priorities  & Objectives

  • Educate and Communicate on Tree-related issues 

  • Plant More Trees 

  • Advocate for Tree Preservation

  • Update the Dilworth Street Trees Master Plan  

Additional Objectives & Concerns:

  • ​​working with nearby neighborhood associations and organizations to achieve a healthier and more robust tree canopy

  • advocacy for existing tree preservation and health 

  • tree trimming by the utilities and their contractors 


For more information contact us via email at


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