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Dilworth Community garden

1300 Ordemore ave.

Our garden is comprised of 36 individual plots, each leased, maintained, and made unique by its own Dilworth gardener. Everyone pitches in on garden workdays to maintain the public spaces, and surplus veggies are donated every week to The Dilworth Soup Kitchen. When you visit the Dilworth Community Garden you will notice each plot has its own personality, design and art, reflecting the many gardeners.

Alongside neighborhood volunteers, the local businesses help out too. Lowe’s donated the fence materials, Dilworth Drug the picnic tables, Andrew Roby built the new bulletin board, and Water Works Irrigation provided access to water and installed the hose bibs. The garden truly is a neighborhood labor of love and one that shows the impact of neighbors working together and creating spaces for all to enjoy.


2018 Dilworth community garden rules 

for more information contact Julie Nofsinger

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