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latta park initiative

The Latta Park Initiative is a team effort shared by the DCA and Char-Meck Parks and Rec to reinvigorate Latta Park by removing invasive plants and replacing them with species native to our area.  Help us restore and preserve the biodiversity of our park.

.Volunteers Needed!

Latta Park Work Days

Join us!

1st Thursday of the month, from 10:00 - 12:00.

-Tasks will vary according to season and tools           will be provided. 

-Just look for the Parks and Rec truck. 

*there will NOT be a workday in July,

August, or December

The Project

In 2017, we were honored to be awarded a grant to purchase native plants for Latta Park.  The $2500 is set to be dispersed in equal amounts over three years. Here is a breakdown of our plan and accomplishments so far:


  • Spring 2017

    • Installed 1 gallon shrubs- 3 fragrant sumac and 3 smooth sumac

    • Installed bare root seedlings-  12 beautyberries

  • Fall 2017

    • September

      • Removed 2 tons of Ligustrum from a portion of the creek- thank you to Rich Mogensen, his crew, and our volunteers! 

      • Stumps were left in place to prevent erosion and were treated with concentrated glyphosate at the time of cutting. 

    • November

      • Installed approximately 237 shrubs where Ligustrum was removed

      • Shrubs included: Red Chokecherry, Beautyberry, Carolina Sweetshrub, Virginia Sweetspire, Inkberry Holly, Winterberry Holly, Spicebush, and Arrowwood Viburnum.

  • Winter/Spring 2018

    • We plan to install seedlings and possibly some stake plants near the creek

  • Fall 2018

    • Plant larger shrubs and trees in what was previously known as “Wisteria Gulch.” 

    • We believe that installing larger specimens will allow the maintenance crew to continue to mow around the shrubs, helping to avoid a resurgence of invasives. 


Heartfelt thanks to all who have volunteered on

Latta Park Work Days!

Please note: We will not hold workdays in July, August or December, and we will continue with our regular Saturday workdays in November and February.


For questions please contact: Nancy Nicholson 

Response to Recent Media Coverage

Dilworth is a historic district and the neighborhood has been concerned about saving the Leeper & Wyatt building since the property owner filed for demolition on December 8, 2021.  Subsequently the DCA has collaborated with 3 different developers in an effort to save the historic building.  Since we began working with the petitioner the DCA has consistently maintained that we want to save the building and abide by the ordinance.  The DCA and the Dilworth neighbors support saving the Leeper & Wyatt building.  


The petition presented at the Council Hearing on Monday, September 18 did not include the technical revisions required by Planning Staff per the UDO. The language regarding the 10 leased off-site parking places was unenforceable.  The DCA's request on Monday night was simply to include lease language that is enforceable. The DCA has not opposed any other exception requested by the petitioner and is asking the petitioner to continue to cooperate with us and the Planning Staff in order to save the Leeper & Wyatt building.

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