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neighborhood environment committee

The DCA Neighborhood Environment Committee focuses on improving the elements of our community that we share: the streets, parks, sidewalks and other public spaces. Monthly meetings  are held at 7pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Tom Sykes Center.

The goal of the NEC:

To enhance the quality of life for all residents within the Dilworth community – to support the needs of our neighbors, solicit ideas and feedback, and initiate projects to improve our historic neighborhood’s green spaces and streetscapes.

A current focus is on the preservation of the neighborhood’s historic trees and tree canopy. We are working to educate the community about tree policies and the numerous benefits provided by trees.


The committee also collaborates with schools, community partners, non-profit tree advocacy organizations, and the city to protect Dilworth’s historic trees.  In addition, the committee addresses all other public space issues, including lighting, signage, and noise pollution. We often work with city and county staff to facilitate public improvement projects.

Latta Park Initiative

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NEC contact:  LizLewis


Care Campaign Recipient

New Dilworth Elementary


Tree Canopy Committee

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Nov. 13th at 6:30

Tom Sykes Rec Center