land use committee

 The Land Use Committee  reviews rezonings, planning guidelines, HDC commercial applications and other actions affecting our neighborhood in order to encourage historic preservation and collaborate for thoughtful growth. 

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325 East Blvd – planting strip and trees to remain as is

E. Worthington & Cleveland: 300 E. Worthington meeting scheduled for Feb. 14th, former hotel site filed 11-18-21 same TOD-NC(CD) allowing parking minimums

East and Lombardy project status – Developer is in contact with neighbors, entrances have been moved

East & Scott schedule – in permitting review stage. Will share renderings and building elevations this spring; anticipating start date in 2nd half.

Mapping – Jan. 18th target date for 2nd draft release

UDO – 4th draft scheduled for July (likely to slip)

Dilworth Rd. and Berkeley stop sign in conjunction with road diet for medical school rezoning


A land use task force is working with the city's Land Development team, a group neighbors who live on Lombardy, and business owners on East Blvd. to understand what happens after the grading/excavation work is completed. The by right project creates a number of issues for that large 13 parcels area and no site plan has been filed to date.

Click here and enter +MgCi4yF when challenged for a passcode to watch a meeting with the land development team on Dec. 7th to discuss neighborhood concerns.


Atrium medical school rezoning 2021-092

We continue to meet with the Atrium rezoning team to discuss modifications to the petition along E. Morehead. The hearing was deferred once again to November 15th to due to the fact that the TIA has not come back from NCDOT.

Most recent changes to architectural standards: parcels along Morehead reduced to 135 feet depth, heights reduced to 100 feet and buildings along Morehead limited to 80 feet with 10 foot stepback to go to 100 among other changes.

Traffic update – E. Morehead to have center lane added without widening curb to curb width. Street A or Baxter Rd. extension straightened to right angle intersection and stoplight added rather than Hawk crossing. Intention is to direct traffic away from Dilworth Rd. Discussions and modifications to the site plan and conditions are ongoing but you can click here to see the filed petition.

Loop Rd. construction/demolition

Approximately 50+ trees have been saved along the Loop Rd. construction area. A walkabout with Atrium, members of the Land Use committee and the Tree Canopy committee was held Sept. 29th. Additional tree protection, acquiring a third party arborist, Fountain View cul-de-sac safety issues were discussed among other things. a request discussed among other things. A request was made for a 2 week notice prior to tree removal. That did not happen on first tree removed on Atrium’s property abutting Fountain View and we are following up.

HDC review – 325/331 East Blvd

Approved in September. Applicant was responsive to the requests of the commissioners as well as commercial and residential neighbors. Is willing to work with the Latta Park project team on selecting non-invasive plants for landscaping. Parking space in planting strip is only outstanding item.

Draft 2040 Policy Map

Land Use submitted a list of errors and concerns with the Existing Place Type Map and some were addressed.

The 2040 Policy draft map was released on Oct. 7th and it is obvious that numerous single family homes in the HD remain mapped as neighborhood 2, ie adjacent to Dilworth elementary on Park Ave, along Pak Rd and along the 300 block of E. Worthington to name a few. Neighborhood 2 would be inappropriate for these locations because they are in the Historic District. Rolling out an incorrect placetypes such as Neighborhood 2 in an area of early 1900 single family homes will lead to the destruction of the historic district. This applies to all HDs in the city.


  • Atrium medical school rezoning - hearing has been deferred until Oct. 18th

  • Loop Rd. construction/demolition - working with Atrium's Planning, Design & Construction team to preserve trees in the area of the Loop Rd. modifications

  • HDC review: 325/331 East Blvd - planting strip removal issue

  • Charlotte Future 2040 Policy Map Team project

  • New project along South Blvd. by Southern Land Company which puts Leeper & Wyatt Store historic landmark at risk

  • East Boulevard project at Lombardy: Developer has offered to attend a land use meeting once the design and procing process is completed

  • Minimum Parking requirement Text Amendment for TOD - in process



  • Atrium' rezoning team gave a presentation on 6-2 of the Medical School rezoning plan. Click here to view the presentation. There are concerns with pedestrian/bike safety and the  additional traffic load created along E. Morehead. Building usage and architectural standards along E. Morehead are being discussed. The Charlotte Women's Club building will not be demolished.

  • Development on East and Lombardy:​​

The project is still in the conceptual phase and looking at residential on Lombardy and residential plus office on East Blvd.

The plans for the by right project have not progressed to a point where the developer can discuss what is proposed for the parcels yet.

Demolition of 1717, 1721 and 1725 East Blvd scheduled for the 1st of July

  • 1401 East –The Providence Group is working with the property owner (Summit Health Group) and reportedly the zoning is to remain as is with Starbucks in place in a new building with office (non-medical) beside it. In that case the rendering posted on the front lawn is not representative of the project.

  • 1501 East - Alpine Ski will remain in current location on a lease back until April 2022, so through next ski season. The plan is  to put a restaurant there with rooftoppatio plus some office.

  • Radius Dilworth – former Red Carpet Inn site at Euclid and E. Morehead. Rezoned to UMUD in 1989. No activity other than release of rendering since pre-submittal meeting on 1-23. (26 stories previously touted to be 34 stories by State Street in 2006)

  • Strawn: permitting was slated for this month. Reached out to Fallon and Horizon but no response yet.

  • Myrtle Morehead Storm Water project:: finalizing Myrtle between Lexington and Temple, open cutting ½ block Myrtle, no impact on driveways. By August storm drain @ Myrtle & Templeton should be connected and big pipe will be online resolving flooding issues in the area. Sanitary sewer and Charlotte Water should be out of the area at around the same time. Resurfacing of roads will happen after that.

  • Kenilworth/Romney Storm Water project: Dilworth Rd. E to be open June 11th including resurfacing. Speed table 30x32 is to be installed around 1620 E. Dilworth.

  • Inlivian/Baxter St. garden - At this point, there are active conversations about the usage of the land and Inlivian is unable to move forward on any activities at the park. We'll be appraised of changes going forward.

  • Kenilworth Substation expansion – First half of material for the replacement metal panel wall should deliver in early June and the replacement installation will begin shortly thereafter.  The hope is to complete the work by mid-June. Once the panels have been replaced dimmers and light shields will be installed which will make a huge difference in the current light trespass.


  1. Atrium Permit filed for Loop Road West alignment

    • Road to remain as was discussed in approved petition rather than in description shown with recent permit filed with CDOT

    • Sample wall to be erected along Garden Terrace where apartment building was

    • Some trees in path of Loop Rd. saved thanks in part to neighbors

    • Also filed rezonings for parking garage and park along Kings Drive to allow for proposed 4 level building

  2. Med School LU meeting overview

    • Atrium and Wexford presented to LU Apr 12th and they will return to June 2nd board meeting

    • Late summer 2024 anticipated finish date

    • 550sft of med school and research center

  3. Crosland Southeast headquarters moving to 801 East

    • Conversation with Peter Pappas of Crosland Southeast past Monday morning regarding upcoming purchase of 801 East Blvd.

    • Will close on June 1

    • Will rent to tenant in front but Crosland Southeast is primary tenant

    • Location was attractive for employees

  4. Development on East and Lombardy

    • Kevin MacVean is working with Jim Gross on by right project

    • Trash on sidewalk, Mark Allen checking weeds and storm water issues

    • Code enforcement acted and trash gone Saturday morning. One complaint still open on sidewalk debris and weeds 5 feet high

  5. John Phares, Jessica Hindman, the Charlotte Museum of History and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission are working on a partnership to save HD homes in fragile areas

  6. 1913 Cleveland and 331 East Blvd have applications submitted but HDC backlog is 2-3 months currently so no hearings scheduled.

  7. Meeting with Atrium, County Sherriff’s Office (Bill Sloan) master gardener, County and Inlivian on Baxter Garden. Rumor has it that it is an old garden that Dilworth residents used to tend. Looking to form a collaboration between those groups and the neighborhood to provide assistance and education for the CHA residents. Most supplies would be provided by the County but volunteer support may be needed as well as possibly $$$s. To be determined after CHA board meeting on 5-11

  8. Trees and HD and possible penalty for tree companies with non-permitted removals

  9. Comp 2040 draft status



Atrium Medical School: 14.26 acres at Baxter, E. Morehead & McDowell

Clubhouse for Charlotte Women’s Club a historic landmark will remain intact

Atrium representatives will be meeting with the land use committee along with representatives from Wexford Science + Technology (real estate company) who worked partnered with Wake Med School on the Innovation Quarter in WS

Current construction update on Kings Drive parking garage also. Six trees to be taken down on Garden Terrace see attached.


Whitepoint community meeting 4-8 @ 5:30pm

South Blvd, East Kingston, East Blvd and the light rail. Preserve Dilworth Artisan building while allowing Walgreen’s drive through to remain by rezoning from TOD-UC to MUDD-O with TOD standards. Click here for the community meeting presentation.

OMS Dilworth community meeting 4-13 @ 5:30pm

Conventional rezoning from TOD-M(CD) to TOD-NC as would have happened with rezoning alignment


HDC cases

325/331 East Blvd after an HDC workshop in February applicant looking at 12 units in 2 buildings on the corner. Ground level parking for 24 cars entering from alley. Size scale and massing in general is a problem; massing along Euclid in particular,, height of 46 feet also incompatible with streetscape. Submitting application

1913 Cleveland submitting application


Kenilworth Substation

Landscape plantings nearly complete and any extra $$$ will be used for additional trees along Scott and Hemlock. Artistic metal panel manufactured with reverse pattern so perforator will reproduce and should deliver late April,




Ownership of the Epicurean lot was transferred to 1324 East Blvd LLC on 3-30-21.

After arduous negotiations with the developer, the DCA no longer opposed this rezoning and Council voted to approved this petition on Dec. 21st. We remain concerned about possible future movement of the curb and are hopeful that the City will never change the back of curb in the block of East Boulevard between Kenilworth and Scott.


The hearing for rezoning petition 2020-052 for the former Epicurean lot was held on November 16th and the zoning committee voted 7-0 to approve despite receiving a letter detailing the DCA's concerns about the effect of the location of future back of curb on the building setback. A project in such a prominent location in our neighborhood must have the proper  oversight for the pedestrian environment and precautions taken for the safety of both cyclists and pedestrians can be safeguarded in the future. We are also working to ensure that the quality of building materials used along East and Scott be of an appropriate level of quality.


More information regarding the building façade, the streetscape and the wrapping of the parking garage was needed prior to council's vote on Dec. 21st and the DCA Land Use Committee continued to have discussions with the developer and planning staff in order to ensure that the building proposed is appropriate for that highly visible intersection on what is effectively Dilworth’s Main Street. Renderings released for the Nov. 16th city council hearing are available at this link.


The groundbreaking for the replacement Carolinas Rehabilitation building occurred on September 24, 2020.  Construction is slated to take just over a year with a grand opening in the next 22-24 months. 

The new Florence Crittenton Home has completed construction, and residents and staff are moving to their new location - allowing the demolition of the old building and new underground infrastructure to begin. 

The four houses, apartment building, and campus parking areas located on the south side of Garden Terrace are scheduled for demolition beginning in November.  

Duke Energy recently completed some infrastructure work on Garden Terrace, which was part of necessary utility upgrades for the campus Central Energy Plant. This caused a temporary shut down of that street. 

Atrium Health has announced plans to construct a new patient & visitor parking deck on the Kings Drive side of campus, to replace the Blythe visitor deck when it comes down in a few years to make way for the replacement bed tower project. (see renderings).

Work is underway with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation to formalize plans and communication regarding the timing and impact of greenway improvements and scheduled detours. Click here for an illustrative site plan.

A new email address has been established to handle questions/concerns regarding campus construction: 

A website/landing page dedicated to providing community members with important updates and information about the project will be launched in December. 

Atrium has announced plans to construct a new patient and visitor parking deck on the Kings Drive side of the campus.  Click here to see renderings shared with the DCA.


Euclid Ave. has been closed since Sept. 2019 due to work going on at the intersections of Lexington and Myrtle and Euclid and Lexington.  Ongoing work at those intersections will keep Euclid closed until sometime this summer.  Work on the Kenilworth/Romney storm project was scheduled to begin on the Atrium property at the end of March and should move into the neighborhood sometime around the end of 2020. A community open house will be held later this year before the project begins in the neighborhood


You can check the Storm Water site for current information on each project:



View a map of both projects here

what we do

The Land Use Committee is primarily responsible for participating in the commercial real estate development process, and we encourage a sustainable approach to new development in Dilworth…


First the Land Use Committee works continually with the City of Charlotte’s Planning Department on the development of relevant area plans. These area plans provide the mechanism for the City to work with the neighborhoods to rethink the strategic vision and establish the policy framework for the future growth and development of the neighborhoods in Charlotte. Approved area plans affecting Dilworth include the Dilworth Land Use and Streetscape Plan, the East Blvd Pedscape Plan, and the Midtown Morehead Cherry Area Plan, which are all available on the website.

Second, the Land Use Committee works tirelessly with commercial real estate developers to ensure City Council approval of only the highest-quality site plans/rezonings possible. The intent is to negotiate site plans reflecting and integrating with the character of Dilworth and stimulating activity and economic vitality. So, the Land Use Committee negotiates. Without government authority, we have to negotiate tradeoffs to insure rezonings in Dilworth do not allow developments exceeding the level of scale and density that is palatable for adjacent neighbors and the community as a whole. The DCDA is amenable to development in Dilworth, but such development must be suitable for the neighborhood.

Finally, we work with the City Staff, the Historic District Commission, and Preserve Historic Dilworth to protect our place on the National Register of Historic Places. This includes working to improve the policies and procedures of the Historic District Commission to ensure they are only issuing Certificates of Appropriateness for projects meeting the HDC Guidelines as well as working with the City Manager and the Planning Department to put enforcement measures in place and ensure they are being carried out.

By Cynthia Schwartz (For the full article see “Land Use: What do we do” in the March 2014 quarterly, p. 12-13)

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