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Care Campaign Recipient

New Dilworth Elementary

The non-profit partner chosen for the 2018-2020 term is the New Dilworth Elementary which encompasses two campuses: the Sedgefield campus, grades K-2, and the Latta Campus, grades 3-5. Although there are two separate locations, this new school will, in fact, be one school, named Dilworth Elementary, under one principal, Terry Hall.

There are numerous reasons why this was our chosen focus, the primary one being the importance of community support for the changes that will take effect in the fall of 2018. The school will achieve greater success when we all stand behind it, embrace it, and work together to ensure it.

We also have a great opportunity to make an impact within this school community. There will be a number of hands-on chances such as learning buddies, classroom volunteers, outreach supporters, and a multitude of others.

Further, the new Sedgefield campus needs a number of aesthetic improvements. We were able to hear Principal Terry Hall's vision and walk the campus to see her ideas. The plans will not only create inviting and encouraging work spaces for children, they also follow the vision of expanding what is working at the current Dilworth Campus, giving more opportunities to more children and ensuring greater chances for their success.


Lastly, the timing is beyond serendipitous.  The change that Dilworth is pioneering for CMS makes this a critical time, a point of inflection, and we are proud to help this new initiative put its best foot forward.  The school only gets one start, and this is it.  The opportunity for the Dilworth Community Association and the Dilworth community as a whole to be a part of the school’s beginning and ongoing

success seems ideal.

Response to Recent Media Coverage

Dilworth is a historic district and the neighborhood has been concerned about saving the Leeper & Wyatt building since the property owner filed for demolition on December 8, 2021.  Subsequently the DCA has collaborated with 3 different developers in an effort to save the historic building.  Since we began working with the petitioner the DCA has consistently maintained that we want to save the building and abide by the ordinance.  The DCA and the Dilworth neighbors support saving the Leeper & Wyatt building.  


The petition presented at the Council Hearing on Monday, September 18 did not include the technical revisions required by Planning Staff per the UDO. The language regarding the 10 leased off-site parking places was unenforceable.  The DCA's request on Monday night was simply to include lease language that is enforceable. The DCA has not opposed any other exception requested by the petitioner and is asking the petitioner to continue to cooperate with us and the Planning Staff in order to save the Leeper & Wyatt building.

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