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Tree Tribute

When you search for a gift idea or a way to honor a loved one’s memory, give the gift of trees by adding to the Dilworth neighborhood’s tree canopy. 


You can give a unique and green gift to celebrate events such as birthdays, holidays, graduations, weddings, new births, anniversaries, or any special occasion. 


Trees are a defining feature of the Dilworth neighborhood. And to be good stewards of our environment, we need to replace the trees we are losing to storms, disease, old age and development. This Tree Tribute Program will allow us to plant more trees sooner!


A tree planted as a gift or in someone's memory is a living tribute that benefits present and future generations.

Here's how it works

Choose the amount:


  • Gift/Honorarium amounts: $700 (cost to plant a single large street tree, $500, $250, $100, or $50 minimum...or more! Your contribution goes to Dilworth's Tree Fund to revitalize the neighborhood's tree canopy.


Choose card delivery option:


Card - A card will be mailed to you. There is space on the card for you to personalize this gift/honorarium. You can specify which card you would like in the donation inputs. The two cards to choose from are: In Honor Of,  or In Memory Of. 


Note: Please allow up to two weeks for processing. We're an all-volunteer group and will do our best to get cards mailed quickly. If you require this on a faster timeframe, we can arrange for you to pick the card up in the neighborhood - just email with your request.​

E-Certificate - A digital certificate will be emailed to your recipient. Choose from: "In memory of," "or "In honor of". 


 Now Make Your Gift:


Click to begin.

Card Example

In Honor of

Card Example

In Memoryof

E Certificate Example

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