The DCA, with its Tree Canopy Committee, announces its Share the Shade tree planting fundraiser with a goal of raising $20,000 in 2020. 


Storms have the most visible impact on Dilworth’s tree canopy - we have all seen the damage from stately trees felled in bad weather. Compound those tree losses with street trees marked for removal (orange dots on the trunk signify trees the City of Charlotte will take them down), or taken out because of development or just plain old age. With your help, we can work to mitigate the impact to Dilworth’s tree canopy by planting more trees. 


The Share the Shade campaign will run from November 9 - December 15th. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be split - 80 percent of proceeds will go toward planting street trees in Dilworth and 20 percent will support equity through sponsorship of a TreesCharlotte tree planting event with neighbors living in a nearby community with fewer funding resources.  




Street trees are the public trees typically between the street and the sidewalk which are managed by the City of Charlotte. City Arborists are charged with managing these trees - for trimming the trees, removing diseased/damaged trees, and for selecting and planting new trees. The City is also responsible for funding all of these projects. However, with tight budgets and stretched resources, funding falls short of replacing all lost trees.


Last year, DCA’s Tree Canopy Committee raised funds to supplement the City’s street tree plantings in Dilworth, and had a successful first year. Thanks to the generosity of neighbors, the December 2019 fundraiser for planting more trees in Dilworth got us off to a good start.  With contributions from over 100 neighbors, we were able to plant 23 good sized street trees throughout Dilworth. On top of that, the City of Charlotte planted 65 street trees in the neighborhood, which combined to add a total of 88 new trees to our canopy last year.


But with all the success we had last year, we’re working from a deficit position and have more planting spots than current funding can fill.


This year’s fundraising effort


This year we are looking to continue last year’s success and broaden our efforts with the second annual fundraiser, Share the Shade. We’re looking to raise $20,000 for 2020 in order to plant more street trees in Dilworth and support equity by adding trees to a nearby neighborhood with fewer funding resources.


Dilworth Trees: This year the City is expecting to plant only 40 street trees in Dilworth. Given the years of canopy loss, this is not enough. A UNCC Urban Institute Study showed that Dilworth lost 12% of its total tree canopy over a recent 6 year period. That is a lot of trees - we both see and feel their loss - and they need to be replaced.  If we meet our goal, we would be able to plant an additional 27 street trees this winter, increasing the street trees planted in Dilworth by 67%  this next planting season. 


Support Equity: 20 percent of the funds raised will support equity by helping sponsor a TreesCharlotte Neighborwoods program of planting trees in a less economically advantaged Charlotte neighborhood. Check out TreesCharlotte for more info on their community commitments. We will report on the specifics at the end of the campaign.


Every tree planted “leaves” a positive legacy for future generations.


A single street tree costs about $600. We collaborate with the City and are required to use approved contractors; the cost includes sourcing, transporting, planting, watering the tree for the crucial first year, and a 1 year survival guarantee.


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