• How will the money be used? 100% of proceeds from this fundraiser go to planting trees - 80 percent of the funding will support tree planting in Dilworth and 20 percent will support equity by helping sponsor a TreesCharlotte Neighborwoods program of planting trees in a nearby less economically advantaged Charlotte neighborhood. Check out TreesCharlotte for more info on their community commitments.

  • What trees are we talking about in Dilworth? Street trees. These are the trees in the planting strip between sidewalks and the street and they are managed by the city of Charlotte. City arborists are charged with monitoring these trees - including trimming the trees, removing diseased/damaged trees, and selecting and planting new ones. 

  • Where will these supplemental trees be planted? In locations throughout Dilworth as determined by the City Arborist. The sites selected will be places where street trees have been removed in excess of one year ago or where no street tree has been in a while/ever.

  • What kinds of trees will be planted? The City Arborist will select the trees based on the Dilworth Master Street Tree Plan and tree availability. The Tree Canopy Committee is working with the City to make sure that wherever possible large shade trees can be planted. 

  • Why will some of the trees planted be large shade trees and others be smaller ornamental trees? Power lines above areas to be planted with a new tree necessitate smaller trees. Whenever possible, if there are no power or streetlight lines above an area, larger maturing trees will be used.

  • When will the trees be planted? This winter, likely January and February of 2021. The City Arborist says that trees can be planted, IF watered diligently for the next year, from October through March, making winter a solid time to plant.

  • How much do trees cost? Trees cost a total of about $600 per tree. The cost comes from the tree purchase itself, then there is the cost of freight to bring the tree to Charlotte to the planting contractor who we have to hire. Included in the contractor’s cost to plant the tree is storing and conveying the tree to the planting site, digging the hole, planting the tree, and watering the tree for 1 year. Also included is a one year tree guarantee.

  • What are the fundraiser specifics? The fundraising campaign begins November 9th and ends December 15th. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in 2020. Every contribution matters!

  • What if contributions for this fundraising are received after December 15th? It is the goal to be able to plant additional trees next year (winter 2022) as well, and we will hold the funds to jump start next year’s effort.

  • Is my contribution tax deductible? No. The all-volunteer DCA, while a nonprofit, does not have the administration needed to do the tax filings or to keep up with the reporting requirements. 

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